Tool Steel

Our best quality Tool Steel products divided into 3 applications:


    Hot Work tool steels are designed for working at high temperatures. These steels have chemical and physical properties that cannot be found in constructional carbon steels.
    The best features of this steel are:

    This obtained through a special "super clean" production process and the ESR (electro-slag-remelting) technology.
    This technology offers the following advantages:

    Our products are :

    • High resistance to thermal shock and to hot cracking.
    • Good mechanical characteristic in hot condition.
    • Constant hardeness throughout the production cycle.
    • Excellent machinability.
    • Increase of material toughness.
    • High micro-cleanness level.
    • Total isotropy of the material.
    • Very low segregative level.
    • HW 22
    • HW 22 Mod

    Cold Work tool steel is material with high chrome with the addition of molybdenum and vanadium, intended for cold working.

    The advantages of this steel are :

    Our product is :

    • Good toughness.
    • Maintain an excellent edge.
    • Good dimensional stability.
    • Good quenching.
    • Excellent wear resistance.
    • HS 79

    Plastic Mould adalah baja untuk mould (cetakan) yang dibuat dengan teknologi VD (vacuum degassing) dan ESR (electro-slag-remelting) teknologi sehingga dihasilkan baja melalui proses 'super clean'. Kondisi pre-hardened membuat material ini memiliki kekuatan dan ketahanan aus yang tinggi.

    Produk kami adalah :

    • MC H 36
    • MC H 32
    • SC H 42
    • SC H 32
    • CMS 50