Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Supported by the biggest mill in the world, Tira Austenite supplies various kinds of Stainless materials from Ferritic to Super duplex.

Plate Products

SF 003 is the right product for construction. It is a stainless steel with high strength wich is qualified for wet abrasion application such as handling application, bagasse handling, transportation tool, chimney, silo as handling etc.

253 MA, Heat resistant Plate which is used for high temperature application up to 1150 C such as Furnance, Dryer, Chimney etc.

DUPLEX Grade (UR 35N / SD 362, UR 45N / SD 462) is suitable for customers who require steel material with combination between mechanical strength and high acidity level. UR 35/45 is application SUS 316 alternative higher level of acidity such as Pulp & Paper, Chemical and oil industry.

SUPER DUPLEX (UR 47N / SD 410, UR 52/ SD 507) with high corrosion resistant ability (PREN > 40) is commonly used in oil, petrochemical, geothermal and others.

Round Bar Product

Our Matensitic Round Bar product (SM 006, SM 021, SM 057) are available from fiameter 20 up to 375 mm and can be used as gears, shafts, bushing etc.