Machinery Steel

Machinery steel is one of the most reliable products of PT Tira Austenite Tbk. Products are used in industrial application especially for the making of shaft, gear and other machine parts.

Machinery steel consists of:

  1. HQ 7 series

    It is medium carbon steel with heat treatment condition. It is combine high strength with best toughness, so suitable for high strength machinery parts from small to high. One of HQ 7 series is low carbon low alloy steel special for case hardening with high surface hardness and high core toughness, where the application especially for gear.

    • Our products are :
    • HQ 7210
    • HQ 760
    • HQ 709
    • HQ 705
  2. HQ 8 Series

    HQ 8 series are upgrade levels of HQ 7 series with improving technology of metallurgy process. This series offering excellent fatigue, straightness guarantee and high mechanical properties compare to HQ 7 series. HQ 8 series are solution material for machinery parts combine between good performance with improving life time of material.

    • Our products are :
    • HQ 809
    • HQ 805