Company Overview

Company History

A history of the establishment of TIRA was started in 1971, founded by Johnny Santoso who recently gained his Ing diploma in West Germany. Motivated by technical science he had gained there, he returned to Indonesia and started to market several technical products such as welding machine or welding cable with a brand Messer Griesheim.

Early on hi business, Johnny Santoso had cooperated with a company owned by Widjaja family, where Drs. Johnny Widjaja acted as one of the owners of the company. On this cooperation, Johnny Santoso was trusted to lead Technical Division of PT Tigaraksa that marketed technical products from Europe, especially welding cables and welding machine.

On 8 April 1974, PT Tira Austenite was established that was located at Jalan Museum No. 13 Jakarta. At that time, PT Tira Austenite became one of subsidiaries of PT Tigaraksa with 50 percent share ownership. Another 50 percent share ownership was owned by Johnny Santoso. The management structure PT Tira Austenite consisted of a Commisioner, Johnny Santoso.

In 1979, to develop its business PT Tira Austenite established subsidiary that run business in manufacturing sector, called PT Alpha Austenite.

On 27 Jul 1993, PT Tira Austenite conducted the initial public offering at the Jakarta Stock Exchange [now Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)] and since that time, PT Tira Austenite officially transformed into public company into PT Tira Austenite Tbk.

On 26 April 1996, PT Tira Austenite Tbk conducted businesss diversification by entering gas industry and acquired 20 percent stake of PT Aneka Gas Industri along with Germany-based gs company, Messer Griesheim that also acquired 30% percent stake of PT Aneka Gas Industri.

In 2003 PT Tira Austenite Tbk decided to make gas industry business as one of strategic business units to allow activities of PT Mitra Guna Gas acquired by PT Multi Guna Gas and transformed into Division of Gas Industry of PT Tira Austenite Tbk that partnered with PT Air Product Indonesia and PT Linde Indonesia (previously PT BOC Gases Indonesia)

During 45 years of the establishment of PT Tira Austenite Tbk, there have been many transformations that happened. The transformation was not only in share ownership, but also transformation in board of directors and management, as well as vision, mission and adopted company values. However, in fact, any transformation made by PT Tira Austenite Tbk is a change that leads to improvement.

At this present time major shareholders of PT Tira Austenite Tbk are PT Widjajatunggal Sejahtera and PT Martensite Unggul.