Alpha Austenite

PT ALPHA AUSTENITE is the subsidiary company of PT TIRA AUSTENITE Tbk that was established on November 15, 1977. This company is manufacturing company of Bronze Casting (Special Grade) product by the name of ALPHABRONZE and Welding Electrode (Special For Maintenance) product by the name of MG and STELEC.

The Bronze Casting (Special Grade) is produced through continuous casting process, centrifugal process, and sand casting process. Those processes ensure that the product is of high quality and applicable for intended purpose. Sophisticated equipment like spectrometer is used in Quality Control division to keep the consistency of the composition of the product.

Welding Electrode (Special For Maintenance) is produced using raw material from USA and machines that have been proven for its accuracy over some periods. And it confirms that Welding Electrode (Special For Maintenance) product is of a quality that is far beyond the other product in the market of its class.

PT ALPHA AUSTENITE has already created good business relationship with various industrial sectors such as mining, tyre, cement, steel mills, sugar mills, pulp & paper, and several other industries. Several kinds of product that PT ALPHA AUSTENITE offered are able to provide solution to Bronze Casting or Welding Electrode needs of the customer in the industrial sector.